Finding the Right Weightless Highlighter

Girls need that right amount of glow. Not saying that girls are not glowing themselves, but you know that glow in your face that makes everybody stop and stare?

Well… you guess it right- highlighter. Girls are so particular and picky in their choice of highlighter. Most likely, they don’t just choose highlighters according to the brand and price- but to its quality, glow, and colors. Although, considering the brand is still a wise decision.

In today’s beauty industry brands like Fenty, Dior, Chanel and YSL are making such remarkable results that convince ladies today. But not all of them may have the best and promising results. Which is why today, we are going a bit particular in helping you choose the best highlighter,

With all those brands coming to life, you can get weightless blendable YSL highlighter with shimmer now. With that said, here are a few tips in helping you find the right highlighter for you.

Tips in Finding the Right Highlighter

While there are no denying to the fact that face highlighters are dominating the online world today, more even on Instagram. Stars and celebrities are using and endorsing brands and different kinds of highlighters and makeup enthusiasts are getting so hooked at it.

Well, who does not?

Today, here are a few tips in helping you choose the ideal highlighter for your face before you can get weightless, blendable YSL highlighter with shimmer now. Check this out!

Tips in Finding the Right Highlighter

  1. Pale to light skin tones

Always check the highlighter with the type of skin you have- or with your skin tone. If you have pale to light skin then getting a pearlescent, icy-silver or champagne sheen is ideal for you. Light pigments highlighter are good to add just the enough radiance to your complexion. You also have to avoid going with shades that are too warm or those that contains red undertones.

Moreover, you are the only one who knows your skin best- so make sure you define and know your skin tone first before buying a highlighter.

  1. Medium and Olive skin tones

If you want to keep your complexion looking too frosty, then warmer skin tones is best to be paired with highlighters that has gold to bronze colors to it. This hint of colors can give you the exact summery look and sun-kissed touch to your skin. If you wanted to give people the impression that you went out for some sun past few days, then getting such colors for a highlighter is perfect for you.

  1. Deep Skin Tones

For deep skin tones, rich variatons of rose gold or bronze can blend well for you. It basically works a lot of good wonders on darker complexion. Just make sure that you look for highlighter which packs a lot of pigment and steer clear of frosty, opalescent shades, as these may make the skin appear dull. Basically, you can get weightless, blendable YSL highlighter with shimmer now.

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