5 things not to overlook while purchasing a wind proof parasol or sunshade

Wind proof parasol or sunshades are definitely better than regular ones. But when you are going to buy one, you must always keep certain things in mind so that you can make the best use of them later on.  The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that length of the wind proof parasol or sunshade when opened, should be comfortable for the user. So if you are buying an parasol or sunshade for your kid, see that the shaft is not to long that your kid cannot handle the parasol or sunshade. The same applies for the diameter of the canopy when it is opened. You do not want to get an parasol or sunshade with a small canopy, because it is just as bad as not having an parasol or sunshade. So always check the measurements of an parasol or sunshade before purchasing it. Next, you’ll have to make sure that the material of the ribs is a high quality fibreglass. Fibreglass is a strong, durable and very light material that will give good strength to the ribs of your windproof umbrella. Because even if a simple rib breaks, the parasol or sunshade loses its shape and water will find a way in. If you choose a windproof parasol or sunshade with average-quality metallic ribs, the ribs may snap and poke through the canopy, thereby hurting people around you.

Characteristics of Umbrella

The material of the canopy is another point to keep in mind. It has to be very water resistant, and better if it is coated with teflon. Teflon coated canopies prevent water seeping even during very long lasting downpours. The canopy of wind resistant parasol or sunshades must have two layers. And another essential feature is vents. windproof umbrella or sunshades can withstand wind only because of this feature. The vents allow air passage and hence prevent the parasol or sunshade from flipping inside out. So there should be proper ventilation in the canopy. The material of the shaft should not be neglected. One has to see that the shaft is made of a light weight but sturdy material. If the parasol or sunshade is provided with a heavy shaft, you will find it difficult to carry it around. There must be a good open-close mechanism for the parasol or sunshade. The handle of the parasol or sunshade, too, has to be comfortable to hold on to. And it is better if it can be held with ease with both hands, so that it is useful for both right and left handed people.

The price is another thing to take into consideration while going parasol or sunshade shopping. If you find a cheap parasol or sunshade, you can be sure that it’s only going to last you a few uses. So invest in an parasol or sunshade to get a good quality one and use it for a long duration. These are some of the points to keep in mind while buying a wind proof parasol or sunshade.