A Guide to Tailoring: Tips for Getting Clothes Tailored

Trendy is the last stage before tacky!!!

The key to dressing elegantly and stylish on a budget is to pick the best clothes and then have it tailored to get the ideal fit. Tailoring is the art of adjusting clothing to fit the unique body shape of a person. It. can change anything from the sleeve length and shoulder seams of a suit jacket to the inseam of a pair of denim jeans to a wedding dress drape. For Sastrería Madrid, look no further from Cravati.

Read on to know how to attract your wardrobe and tips for customizing clothes.

How Tailoring Improves  Your Wardrobe

Stylists know that wearing clothing according to your size is the secret of great-fitting garments. Tailoring can upgrade your wardrobe.

  • Customization can make outfits look high-end- You can buy it relatively cheap and have it customized to fit your body perfectly. It doesn’t matter how much a suit costs you if it doesn’t fit right.
  • Repair damaged favorites- Have you lost the zipper on your beautiful vintage sheath or the button is broken?? A decent tailor can repair it. It obvious a tailor cannot perform miracles, but he can make sure that it is wearable.

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Tips for Taking Clothes to the Tailor

When you’re going to the tailor for the first time, here are a few things you need to think first:-

1) Do your research- Some tailors don’t make leather, some can make simple changes like a hem, but they can’t adjust the dress as per body fittings. Please make sure they’re capable of making the adjustment you’re looking for. Also, check their reviews, you obviously want to make sure that other customers are happy with their work as well.

2) Give your tailor time- The time it takes to design the clothes depends on your work’s nature and how busy your tailor is. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid last-minute emergency tailoring. Contact your tailor specifically so that you know exactly when you can get your item back.

3) Tailors Specialization-  If you have found a trustworthy tailor for basic clothing changes, this does not necessarily mean that someone can fix a complicated beading problem like a sewing gown or create a particular suit. Ask your tailor if they can, and if not, go to an expert.

4) Cost of Alteration- Most tailors do not list prices for their design services, since costs depend on the project’s complexity. Request an estimation of costs before you suit.

The Final Verdict


When it comes to Sastrería Madrid, Cravati is the name that always comes into the picture. It is the most popular tailor shop in Madrid for a unique experience.