Choose abayas according to your skin tone

Almost every girl gets choosy when fashion is being talked about, and when it’s the question of looking the prettiest we can feel the excitation brewing. So all the classy ladies who wants to flaunt their beauty yet look perfectly cloaked in tradition and sophistication, let me tell you that opting for the perfect colours can make you turn heads.

An abaya is an English term for the ‘ burkha ‘ worn by the Muslim women flaunting their authentic culture and tradition. In older days abayas worn were mostly black, but thanks to the advent of fashion, it has uplifted the beauty and the refinement in style of the abayas to a higher place. Not only the exclusive designs created by the designers attract the eyes but also the vibrancy of the colours used on the material choosen makes the most of the look.

Here’s a colour guide to choose the right colours to flatter your skin tone :

  • Colours to choose for a dark tone :

For the dusky beauties, with a chocolate undertone, red, orange and other fiery warm colours would look wonders. From several light shades to pastel pallets and even monochromes like white will look mesmerising. However colours like dark purple or Prussian blue ie. the darker shades of blue, purple, grey, browns and even black will further mix into their skin tones making it look duller. Also some neon colours would look overdone.

  • Colours for a medium skin tone :

For the medium toned beauties, it’s quite easy as they get to choose between a multitude of colours from any shade pallate. From deep vibrant hues like darker shades of any warm or cool colours will work wonders. From reds, maroons, crimson, ruby, vermilion to sap green, emeralds and sapphire or electric blue and even darker purples to navy blue or bright pinks opens up the skin color even more, but the sand and pebble shades or shades of beige or darker shades of grey might blend into the skin.

  • Colours for an olive skin tone :

This is the most versatile skin colour over the world. The bronze tone of the skin suits mostly bright hues of almost every shade. Bright reds, oranges, purples, peaches will look fabulous. A perfect white will also rock the board.

  • Colours for a fair skin tone :

Fair skin doesn’t always mean a pale colour, but fair skin tone constitutes both warm ie. yellowish or purplish and cool ie. blue or green undertones. According to various people perceptions fair skin goes with mostly finer shades of the darker hues. Several wine or burgundy shades and the royal blue or violet looks appreciative. Blacks or reds will do a great favor on your skin bringing forth the sheer of the colour on your skin. Though fluorescents may look attractive on a few but in all metallics are a option to be avoided.

Henceforth whenever you’re going to Buy Women’s Abayas, definitely Shop Abayas Online, as they provide an huge collection to choose from infinite range of colours that you might not get in a local store.