Experience a Beautiful Birth with Clarins Skin Care Products for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting period for every woman, especially for the first baby. However, it becomes a difficult period to watch your skin go through unpleasant conditions due to hormonal changes. These conditions are challenging to control as many skin products available in the market contain harmful substances that can harm the fetus. However, some Skin care products are safe for pregnancy and could be used by all mothers-to-be women. Some conditions that occur on the skin during pregnancy include stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, fluid retention, papules, and dryness. There other conditions such as fatigue, swollen feet, and bust sagging that occur during pregnancy. Most people find it difficult to deal with it because some of the conditions such as breast sagging and belly fat persist even after birth. It becomes difficult for women to identify safe skincare product for post-partum skin conditions.

Clarins is fully aware of the tough journey that mothers go through during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and after birth. For this reason, Clarins provides the best Skin care products that are safe for pregnancy for three critical stages that every woman goes through to become a mom. These stages are during pregnancy, at the hospital, and the post-partum period.

Clarins skincare products to use during pregnancy

  • Stretch marks minimizer which helps reduce the stretch marks
  • The extra-firming lotion which helps firm the body tissues
  • Exfoliating creams for beauty and exfoliating body scrub for a smooth skin
  • Pregnancy mask that helps reduce hyperpigmentation. The other creams that help reduce hyperpigmentation are UV plus SPF 50/PA=+++, and sun wrinkle control cream UVA/UVB 50 +
  • For fatigued legs, Clarins has an Energizing emulsion which is light, and it’s absorbed quickly into the skin giving the legs energy and comfort. This product has a lasting effect and can be used every day.

Products to use at the hospital

  • Beauty flash balm for face- This product restores a youthful glow, gives the skin a smooth feel, and eliminates any sign of fatigue
  • The enhancing eye serum is also used on the face for beautiful, bold, and big eyes. The properties of its ingredients (kaki and oat polyoses) lifts the eyelids for a long time thus eliminating dark circles
  • Stretchmark’s controller (body product) – The stretchmark minimizer which is made with crowberry extract that helps reduce stretch marks. Improves the skin elasticity, protects collagen fibers and prevents the emergence of stretch marks by rebuilding connective tissues.
  • Eau Dynamisante Spray (body product) – This is a new formula which moisturizes, tones, and firms the skin. It contains 100% natural extract which makes it a safe product to use during pregnancy.

 Products to use during the post-partum period

  • Body firming products to restore skin firmness and toning. They are exfoliating body scrubs for smooth skin and tonic body treatment oil for an elastic, fresh and calm skin.
  • Stretchmark minimizer to control stretch marks
  • Sculpting cream- Body shaping cream for slimming, sculpting and firming the skin
  • Contour body treatment oil for free fluid circulation in the lower limbs. Helps control water retention which results in swollen lower legs.
  • Anti-cellulite products – The Claris anti-cellulite contouring expert for a smooth, tight and firm skin.

All these Skin care products that are safe for pregnancy are made from 100% natural extracts and therefore are safe for use.