Kam Otto: The New Breed of Lifestyle and Fashion

Everyone loves fashion! Fashion is a popular style particular in accessories, makeup footwear and most likely clothing.

Almost everyone can not afford to go out without at least dressing up. Whether it is casual, classic or basic, every pieces that comes together and give you the exact look you are wanting for is what we call fashion!

Today, fashion comes in different styles and taste. It basically depends on someone’s definition of their own fashion. However, if you want to have a huge help in finding your own taste of fashion and styling, a lot of fashion brands and products are sold and displayed online. One of which is Kam Otto lifestyle products and fashionable pieces.

Today’s blog will talk a few points about Kam Otto and what makes them the new breed of lifestyle and fashion.

About Kam Otto

Kam otto started in the year 2006 by Caroline Khelaifia. She was driven by her love to bring unique and quality European labels to Australia. That is why Kam Otto lifestyle products and fashion products are one of the best fashion imports in Australia and even to its neighboring cities.

Caroline who is originally from France has about 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, no wonder why her taste in fashion is extremely remarkable and followed by many. Not only that, she also developed her cutting skills and playing with fabrics, colours and designs.

Now Kam Otto, her brand, does not only imports fashion but they also made fashion pieces of their own designs and concepts.

Apart from that….

French Fashion

Kam Otto also delivers direct from Paris International labels, these are fashionable pieces that are designed and made in France.Kam Otto Imports

One Step and IKKS are two of the most trendy labels in France with over 700 different styles in store to choose from. Timeless, flattering dresses & tops but also some funky suits and Basikks. Basically, they have every fashion girl wants depending on their various taste in fashion. Kam Otto lifestyle products made it possible to bring this two major brands directly to Australia.

And lastly…

Personal Styling

If you are not shopping online and only visiting the physical store, Kam Otto Lifestyle Products also offers free personal styling to thoroughly help find the right pieces that will complement and work perfectly to create a good style. You can definitely ask their professional stylist to create your own “look”. Whether it is for the beach, for an office look, or for an everyday errand look.

Lifestyle and Fashion Products

Some of the brands that Kam Otto Fashion products offers are:

  • JOTT,
  • IKKS Women,
  • One Step,
  • Charlie Joe, and
  • Marinette St Tropez.

Shopping at Kam Otto does not only give you garments and clothings to complement your events or day to day look. They also have other products that you can definitely choose form.

Those are:

  • Bathroom essentials,
  • Beach towels, scarves and bags,
  • Coastal friendly items, and
  • Home fragrances.

You can also find gift ideas under $100. Furthermore, if you wanna know more about them or start your shopping at Kam Otto Lifestyle products and fashion staples, you can definitely visit https://www.kamotto.com.au/.