My Working Day As A Jewelry Designer

It seems that friends always believe that, since you are at home all day, you probably feel comfortable with a dry martini, watching the episodes of “friends” and, perhaps, from time to time do a bit of work. But people who work at home by themselves, work more and work longer than people at work! Believe it or not, I work more or less continuously from 7 am to 10 pm.

The first thing I do every day is to check my letters and see if there are orders or requests, then go to my work room and look at the glorious disaster! I guess some people would be horrified by the disordered state, but when you work you should focus on creating something instead of ordering. I work mostly with wire, so at one end of my desk I have wire spools: hundreds of meters of fine silver, silver, and gold. Also, all the various tools that I use pollute the table, the most important thing is crocheting for wires.

Then I have to decide what I should do that day. It may be an order.

I tell people that orders can take a month, but I can make them faster than that. Some people do not care about speed: brides often ask for tiara months in advance, so I have to organize and write it. The best place to memorize things is my calendar in the internet browser, it even sends me an email to remind me when orders should be placed!

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Most of my work is repeated. I show at trade fairs and crafts exhibitions, and there are “bestsellers” that people expect from you in your size, so you must maintain a healthy supply. After a while, I tend to interrupt the routine work and try a new Jewelery Design or variation. This is not the whole life on tape!

As I have already said, most of my work is connected with wires and silver wires, I prefer to work with fine silver wire, purity 999, they do not contain copper, like sterling silver. Because of the purity, you can burn the ends of the cable to create a pure silver ball, and it will not turn black like sterling silver. I knitted with my crochet to create rings, bracelets and necklaces, and often I include silver beads in the designer jewellery australia online. If I need a stronger cable, I will use silver. The copper content makes it difficult, so I try to use it on tiaras and some bracelets to get a stronger finish. 

My favorite cable is gold.

This is a 14 carat gold tube with an internal brass jewelry core. The gold content is 100 times thicker than the gold plate and does not wear out, does not cause allergies and, most importantly, is much cheaper than solid gold. What you see is 14 carat gold and the color is excellent.

Another product you can work with is PMC silver (precious metal).

This incredible product is a by-product of the computer industry. Pieces of fine silver mixed with a binder, forming clay. Then you work with clay to form the desired shape, and then you have to write down the folder in the oven. I buy PMC in small hermetic packages and designer baked models, for example, in the shape of a heart. I could add texture or a little cubic zirconia. The heat in the oven burns the binder and slightly compresses the piece, you must allow it. It is expensive and you must be selective in how you use it, but it gives you options.