Style and Fashion: The Maxi Dress

Styling and fashion play an important role in the present world. With the advent of technology and social media, people are more aware of fashion trends and are much more likely to adopt fresh styles.

The widespread use of social media by the fashion industry has allowed the average customer to have a higher amount of interaction with fashion designers, high-end clothing brands, and firms. Social media has greatly helped bring about new channels of advertising for fashion makers, thereby allowing them to reach a broader target audience.

With the advent of fashion across all sectors, it is only fair for Islamic women to also jump on this bandwagon. They are eager to make a fashion statement while still following their beliefs and traditions.

Islamic clothing for women consists of two components, the Abaya and the Hijab. The Abaya or cloak is a single piece clothing item that is similar to a robe. It covers the entire body except for the head, feet, and hands. It is generally black in color. A Hijab or veil is the headscarf used to cover the head and face. Traditionally it is plain, without any adorning and is black in color.

Presently, Islamic women are looking for an outlet for their creativity. This has resulted in the manifestation of colorful clothing for Islamic women. Instead of the typical black which is usually adorned by the women, a maxi abaya with floral patterns and a wide array of colors can be found. Hijabs of various colors and designs can be paired with such an abaya to make a fashion statement whenever you go out of your home. They are available in various shades, hues, and designs and can reflect a person’s identity.

Several styles of Abayas are available online. From crew collars to button-down to double layered abayas, you can find the most extensive variety of styles and colors online. They are generally made of premium Nida and have lace embroidery and embellishments to give it a luxurious and premium feel.

Maxi abayas are long dresses with elastic at the waist to allow perfect fitting. They may be provided with cuffed sleeves having a button or a loose open cuff. The fabric used is such that is drapes over the body in a free and comfortable manner and does not cling to the body. Combining comfort with fashion can sometimes prove to be an arduous and uphill task. The maxi dress, however, is an exception. It is perfect for women living in regions with scorching summers, while simultaneously flaunting their style.

 You can now buy maxi abaya dresses and hijabs online. By looking at various styles and fabrics, you can buy the perfect dress. With the availability of easy exchange and returns, one can purchase clothing without any fear of lousy fitting or inferior quality. With cash on delivery options, there is no need to divulge credit card details online. With the presence of a wide array of styles, online stores are far more convenient as compared to outlets.