The Gel Nails Create Beautiful and Feminine Hands

Gel nails are already listed as one of the most popular options in nail salon centers around the world. The women welcomed the artificial nails for several years, and now the gel enamel gave them an excellent product that embraces a true “natural approach”.

With the gel nails, the client will be presented with products for the salon, which combine first-class appeal and non-toxic materials. This combination helps to improve and preserve the health and beauty of the client’s own nails. You can immediately distinguish between gel nails and other acrylic based products. Nail gel does not contain toxic and acidic adhesives. This means that there are no potentially harmful or harmful fumes or odors.

These high quality nails will look more natural than the similar products that are currently offered.

The appearance of these nails is not yellowish and requires much less care and maintenance than acrylic-based nails. This means that now you have the opportunity to enjoy your nails, which are always bright for long weeks. You have no reason to return to the salon for a quick “color repair” or to request “putty” for chipped nails.

Gel Nails Create Beautiful and Feminine Hands

Gel nails are valued for their flexible and durable nature. The bright color that is applied in the cabin will retain its bright appearance even when typing, gardening or washing dishes. These new nails are able to stand on their own, even when subjected to normal wear and tear and the stress of everyday life. They are able to resist chipping, breaking and splitting, which is very good news for nail salon customers, who are tired of having to constantly come back for the usual repair of their acrylic nail tips.

With gel nails, you can choose lining on the tips, pedicure, free-form sculpted nails, or simply choose a build-up on the edges of natural nails. The versatility of the Gel uñas semipermanente allows you to use these nails with a variety of original designs.

The non-porous nature of these high quality nail products protects your own natural nails without worrying about the development of any bacterial infection. Since these gel nails are designed to adhere firmly to your own nails, you do not need to worry about increasing nails and allowing water to fall between false nails and your natural nails.


If you have a complete set of gel nails, you may be asked to return the “fillings” approximately every 14 days until your own nails have had time to grow. However, most clients believe that they can accommodate these meetings for a period of 3 to 6 weeks. The nails are resistant to tearing and look so vivid and natural that it is almost impossible to determine where the growth of new nails occurs, especially if you choose transparent nail pads.