Increasing Testosterone levels

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in male that produces muscles. It belongs to a group of hormones named “androgens”.A hormone is a group of molecules that is chemical in nature and brings necessary changes in the body both physical and chemical. It is also responsible for red blood cells production. It also plays a vital role in reproduction by producing sperms in male. It is also present in women but in small amounts. Even in women testosterone produces same characteristics like muscle production and increasing the strength of the bone but it may also show some other characteristics like unwanted hair. It boosts libido in both male and female. Suppressing your production of testosterone may lead to lot of complications specifically in male.

The testosterone is mostly produced in male within the testicles with the help of Hypothalamus (that is situated in the brain) and the Pituitary Gland. Both these internal organs communicate with each other and then the pituitary gland stimulates testicles to produce testosterone. Thus, the production of testosterone is controlled by both hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Some amount of testosterone is also released by adrenal glands. In female, testosterone is produced within the ovary and some amount is also released by adrenal glands. Testosterone starts acting in teenage in both men and women which results in increased height and some behavioral changes too.

Increasing Testosterone levels

If testosterone levels are high than normal

In men and women, if testosterone levels are higher than normal then it may result in fertility problems and the signs of pubic characters before he or she turns teenage. In women specifically, if testosterone is present in more than normal levels, it may result in Polycystic Ovary syndrome. Women with this syndrome experience acne, unwanted hair on face, baldness in the front hair and also increase in muscles. They may also experience masculine characteristics and some unwanted reactions. Some other conditions like resistance to androgen may also cause to produce high testosterone. One can reduce the testosterone levels naturally by adding fruits and vegetables which are anti-oxidant. One can also overcome this problem by taking anabolic steroid not exceeding the limit.

If testosterone levels are lower than normal

Lower testosterone levels result in lack of development of male characteristics in a man. In teenage, the boy will have slow growth and they may also have less strength and muscle mass. Low testosterone also leads to mood changes, decreased performance, sleep problems, swelling of breast, more fat in the body and effect in metabolic activities.

So, one must see that the testosterone is produced in normal levels. But if you have lowered or if you tried suppressing your production of testosterone levels, then the right precautions have to be taken. You can increase your testosterone levels by taking two classes of drugs named, Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and Aromatase Inhibitors. SERM is more effective to most of the people and averts the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which is called aromatization. You can also naturally enhance testosterone by using testomax capsules which is used generally by body builders. The chemicals present in these capsules helps to increase luteinizing hormone which triggers testis to produce testosterone. They also contain compounds which are necessary for reducing fat and the capsules also show quick results with almost no side effects.