Types of Motorcycle Helmets You Should Buy Now

You have seen bike riders wearing different types of helmets. Some of those are quite interesting while the others are really boring. Whatever the type is, you should wear ahelmet while riding amotorcycle. If you are making a long trip, wearing ahelmet is even more important. While buying any types of helmets, you should check out the safety factor along with your comfort level while wearing that.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Are you buying motocross helmet India? Those are not made for roads and that’s why known as off-road helmets. Today, we will talk about different types of motorcycle helmets that you can buy to ensure your safety.

  1. Full-Face Helmet

If you want the best protection, this is the best option you can have. The chin bar can provide the best support if you meet fall, while the visor provides the clear vision of the road. But if you are looking for a lighter version, this type will disappoint you. Still, it is great for weather protection and provides wind resistance too.

  1. Open Face Helmet

Do you like to feel the wind kissing your face while driving your bike? Then, this is the perfect helmet you can buy now. It can protect everything except your face. It is true that you can get better visibility and also can make easy communication, but this type of helmet can’t give you eye protection. There are several types of open face helmet which provides a shield that can protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun or from the debris in the air. But, that can’t protect from rain.

  1. Motocross Helmet

These are a unique type of helmet that is used by the riders who are into themotor race. You can buy motocross helmets online India. For short races, these helmets are perfect. The sun visor of this helmet is the best feature of this as it can protect the rider’s eyes from the harmful UV rays. The elongated chin guard can provide extra protection to your chin and also the side of your face. Another unique feature of this type of helmet is the upgraded ventilation system. It allows the heat to escape and also effective to regulate the humidity and temperature inside your helmet.

  1. Half Helmets

Usually, these are not for motorcycles. If you have scooter or cruisers, you can go for half helmets. These are extremely lightweight and you will feel utmost comfortable while wearing this. This type of helmet provide super visibility and resist wind. But, when it comes to aprotection level, this is not that much great like other helmets.

  1. Modular Helmets

This is the hybrid form of afull-face and open-face helmet. The chin bar is pivotal and you can move it for better protection. Communication can be easy while wearing this type of helmet and you can also feel comfortable wearing it.

These are the common types of helmets you can check out. Whatever you buy, don’t forget to wear while riding. Your life is precious!