5 Best Women’s Shoes To Wear At Work

The passion for shoes is one thing about you that you cannot undermine. The floods of happiness when you look at them at the store and the unimaginable joy when you finally get to save them. You’ll wear them again and again and again, but you love them as dear as a child. You flaunt them, you keep them safe, you decorate them and yet you keep buying them more and more. The obsession keeps growing, becomes a kind of fantasy andĀ  it leads to you finding more and more fashion and styles regarding shoes. They are even considered as a manifestation of freedom. So here are a few shoes that you’d love to flaunt at work.

1. The Classic Pumps

I think this is one exquisite shoe pair one must have. How comfortable and at the same time, how stylish they look is why there are no reasons why not to buy them. Black pumps are the most preferred of all. Not just that they go well with any kind of outfit or even any color of outfit but also, they look glossy and also add up to a stature (Well, the magic of black!) that suits anyone well. The neutral pumps too are great for work and parties, along with the plain coloured ones that add up to the style statement and also give an illusion of longer legs.

2. Ankle Boots

What many women love about these boots are how useful these boots are all around the year. They have a large base length and area which makes it easier to walk and do work which involves a lot of moving around and walking. In winters, pair them up with jeans or tights and have the pretty look that you’ve always wanted. One thing you need to appreciate about ankle boots is that among all other shoes, the ankle boots look good with any dress you choose. Be it jeans and tees or skirt and tops, they simply make you look hot.

3. Oxfords

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I call them the ‘Fall Weather’ shoes. And it’s not just me, but people really do believe that they are perfect shoes for fall. They completely cover your feet and are not too hot like other shoes can sometimes be. What makes me think when I see Oxfords is the preppy tone of a person. No matter what the atmosphere around it is, but they simply reduce things to happiness. And coming to the fashion, Oxfords go really well with tights and leggings paired with any kind of tops and shirts. And you might not necessarily stick to black or brown. For better fashion, try out the rest and see yourself as the Stylish You.

4. Loafers

Okay, the first thing I need to clear is that Loafers aren’t boyish. So what if they are inspired by them, doesn’t mean they are simply meant for boys, does it? No, and a big time No. And also, they aren’t old school. Only because they happen to be simple, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t fashionable. What I believe is that loafers have a look of completeness and simplicity. They can be very handy in case you are out for a day for some big shopping or chores. Paired with jeans and the perfect fashion, they are just as exquisite as others.

5. Thigh High Boots

Oh yes, I know. No list of boots or shoes or anything related to let wear is complete with these boots. I call them the ‘Star Boots’. Because they make you feel like a star. They are long and steady and beautiful as the dawn and hot and sexy and don’t know what not. Wearing them with shorts is like the best outfit ever for these boots. Shorts or skirts and even ripped torn jeans will give you the rugged look no matter what occasion you wear them for. Now these are what I call the Obsession Boots. Try them without fail.

So here are the 5 best boots and shoes that every woman would love to have in her wardrobe. And also with your love for shoes, keep trying out new fashion and then what remains of you is a confident fashionable woman with great sense of fashion.

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Happy Shopping šŸ™‚