Best LED Lighting Solutions for your hotel

Many hotels still use CFLs. If you are one of them and would like to change to LED, there’s no looking back. LED not just reduces the power consumption costs but also will add a lot to the décor of the hotel. It is made of the latest technology and emits efficient light that is brighter than the regular bulbs and CFLs. Here are some reasons why should you choose modern place wholesale lights and LED for your hotel.

Why choose LED? Here are the benefits

  1. Less energy consumed: It would definitely interest an hotelier to save money on energy consumption. Well LED is the way to do so. It gives bright and efficient lighting in all the corners and brightens up the place. They save at least 75% of the energy.

LED also does not emit high infrared and UV rays like bulbs and CFLs. This will add in maintaining the temperature of the room and thus will help in reducing power consumption of the AC as well.

  1. Long life and low maintenance: Keeping on changing lights here and there in the hotel and keeping an update is difficult. Also have a long life which means once you have fitted these and if you use them for a full day (Day and night), you can easily run on them for as long as 11 years. Using modern place wholesale lights and LED is also low on maintenance as they run for a longer time.
  2. Adequate lighting and control: LED provides adequate light and color for a hotel environment. This will help in keeping the environment calm and nice. You will be able to create a home like experience in hotel.

Many LED lights also come with controls which mean one can even adjust it according to their choice. So, this makes it an option to be used in the hotel rooms which the customers will definitely like when compared to the CFL lighting which is less. Customers do many things in their room and would like it if there is proper lighting for it. You can also get LED fitted in meeting and conference halls where lighting is an essential thing and would definitely make the customer to revisit your hotel for business purposes.

  1. Safety: LED lights do not contain any harmful chemicals and hence it is safe even if it breaks which is not the case with bulbs or CFLs.

Apart from this, using right amount of light in the areas where there is more activity. Parking areas are also a place where adequate lighting is required to avoid any problems and you can save as much as 50% in the maintenance and operating costs as well. Having adequate lighting is also a way to ensure that the customers are well versed with their surroundings.LED can be used in other places like kitchen, lobbies, hallways, pool area, lifts, etc. because it is better to have proper lighting especially when it is not hurting your pocket.