Brighten Up Your Home and Keep Your Spirits Up with Summer Flowers

Spring is the peak bloom time for many flowers, but summer has its own colorful blooms to show off its beauty as well. When designing your summer garden, there is a wide range of floral options to choose from, including flowers like marigold, sunflower, gladiolus, coneflowers, and more. So why not bring some of these incredibly fragrant, nature’s beauties inside to decorate your home this summer? Or ask your Lafayette florist to create a lush summer garden arrangement to send to a friend or loved one who could use a boost at this time. They could include any of the following summer flowers.


Made up of long, dense flower clusters, Amaranthus is the perfect floral choice for the gorgeous long cascading look and can be used in centerpieces. It comes in rich tones of red and green and adds an elegant touch to an arrangement.


Best known for their bold hues and impressive range of varieties, carnations are considered to be the symbol of love and distinction. They are fragrant flowers that bloom all summer long. They have an extremely long vase life.

Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies are well-known for their alluring fragrance and large flowers. These are long-lasting cut flowers and enhance the mood of any room. They are considered as the symbol of faith, hope, innocence, purity, wealth, and pride. They are eye-catching flowers and look great either in a vase of lilies and greens, or paired up with delicate flowers and greenery.


Gladiolus is named after the shape of its leaves from the Latin word ‘gladius’ meaning sword. These striking and colorful blooms represent moral strength, integrity, and infatuation. Their long stems and multiple blooms make quite an impression.


This globe-shaped, truly unique flower comes in different colors, including blue, white, pink, red, and green. They make a marvelous floral display, and the voluminous blooms brighten up your living space and express gratitude. These blooms can last several weeks in the vase and retain their color and shape even as they dry out, make them the right choice for your home decoration.


Sunflowers are magnificent blooms that are showy, sturdy, and sure to please everyone. When you send sunflowers to your loved one, they bring good cheer to any setting and spruce up the appearance of their room. For any mixed floral arrangement, sunflowers make the best focal points with their bright yellow color and size. There are huge sunflowers, mini sunflowers, black or green centers, yellow or orange petals… so many choices! You can add flowers like carnations, chrysanthemum, and daisies to the floral arrangement to highlight the beauty of this flower. With proper care, you can enjoy the unrelenting beauty of these flowers for many days.

Summer is here, and it’s time to celebrate with unique flowers. It’s a magical time for sunshine lovers, and you can treat yourself with the beauty and fragrance of incredible summer blooms. Contact us for same-day flower delivery in Lafayette CO.