Framing Hammer- A Mush Have Toolbox Item

An essential household tool

Any physical device or equipment that is used in the accomplishment of any specific task is known as a tool. They can be of different types depending upon their use in different areas. A framing hammer is also a tool that is primarily required in every home. The feature that separates it from the general hammers is the design of the claw that is much larger. Also the handle attached to it is longer which helps in getting some power easily whenever it is used.  The head is generally milled and a design like a waffle is embedded onto the surface. There is certainly a reason behind keeping the shape like this as most of the work in framing is done using nails. Since the nail heads are milled too, designing the hammer head in the similar way helps in getting the job done easily without applying much force. Other than that, the hammer also does not slip off when the nails are hit. This further has two benefits-

  • The task is completed easily in lesser duration of time.
  • It reduces the chances of the person hitting himself while working.

framing hammer

Selecting the best one

A large variety of hammers is available in the market these days. Before purchasing one, it is very necessary to understand the purpose for which you will be using it. A wrongly selected type can be of no use and can also lead to accidents and injuries. The framing hammer has a number of uses and itcan be used for household tasks such as-

  • Fixing nails- The main work for which these tools are used is to fix the nails and bolts into surfaces such as wood and walls.
  • Mending broken furniture- The broken or slightly damaged furniture can be fixed up by fitting the pieces together again.
  • Hanging up photo frames- Decorative stuffs and frames are meant to be hung on the wall or ceiling for which hammer is required.
  • Fitting up foldable furniture- The chairs or table that can be folded up can also be fitted up by using it.
  • Breaking something with force- There might be things that are needed to be broken up into smaller pieces by applying strength and hammer best serves the purpose.

Properties to check for

Once you have decided the type, you need to check for some quality standards of the product you are going to buy. Things that are needed to be considered before finalizing the framing hammer are-

  • Weight- It should neither be too heavy nor too light.
  • Claw- Flatter is the claw, more efficient is the tool.
  • Milled face- The design should be proper and perfectly embedded.
  • Cost- The product should be affordable and the price should fit in the budget.

A good hammer is a certainly a great addition to the toolbox. If it is not properly selected, it will only be a waste of money and will occupy an extra space in the house.