Have you heard about the Ergonomic chair?

Today, back pain is the second leading cause of consultation with a general practitioner. It corresponds to a cost of about 2.7 billion euros. These numbers highlight the importance of musculoskeletal disorders, of which back pain is one of the most common. They result from repetitive actions and too long static positions. We need perfect chairs to keep our body fit. And that is why you should check boutique-le-grenier.net for chair suggestions.

Why ergonomic office chair?

One of the particularities of ergonomics is to ensure the correct positioning of the worker. The interest is that the latter is a position that is as natural as possible. The goal is to prevent the risk of MSD and fatigue.


A must preserve your spine

As we mentioned in the introduction, back pain affects about 80% of French workers, one-third of whom suffer from chronic pain. While these pains are common in certain professions that are considered arduous and other repetitive tasks, they also affect people working behind a desk. Indeed, many of us do not have an excellent posture when we sit. Ultimately, this increases the risk of pain. These mainly affect the spine and more specifically the lumbar and cervical spines.

The former must, with the pelvis, support the weight of the upper body when we sit. When we are up, this weight is better distributed throughout the body. Cervical pain is a result of our tendency to lean forward when we work. Again, this is not a natural posture for our body.

The benefits of an ergonomic office chair

Just test an ergonomic chair once to immediately make the difference with a classic office chair. You will immediately notice the best support in the lower back and the softer seat.

Nevertheless, it is really in the medium and long term that an ergonomic chair finds its interest. If you suffer from back pain regularly, it will be much less frequent.

Such a seat does not act only on the back and cervical, it is also better for the blood circulation. When we stay in a static sitting position, the blood circulation slows and stagnates at the thighs since they are crushed on the seat. This causes poor circulation in the lower limbs and fatigue that happens more quickly. In the long run, a static sitting position is bad for our cardiovascular system. It is advisable to move regularly when you are at work and to stand up at least every hour. The ergonomic chair improves blood circulation thanks to a more comfortable and soft seat. Some models use a memory foam, ideal for marrying the curves of our body. However, even with a high-end ergonomic seat, you must force yourself to move from time to time and to get up.

For who?

The ergonomic chair is primarily for people who spend more than 3 hours a day sitting. It is suitable for everyday use. For those who sit only occasionally during your work day, you do not necessarily need to invest in such a chair, unless you have regular back pain. But in case, an ergonomic seat kneeling or sitting upright is more financially accessible.

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