How to buy a collar for your dog?

Buying a collar for your dog is not an easy task; there are a lot of things that you have to consider before buying a collar. We all know that collar is used to control dogs, but there many other uses for it as well. Dogs can be your best friend if you treat them well and there are not many things which a dog requires. If you love your dog, you should know what is best for him/her. When you consider buying a dog collar, it is essential that you should know all the details related to the collar and also about your dog.  You can easily buy a collar from your nearby market or the internet. All you need to do is search for dog collars from berties, and you can see different types of collars available for your dog.

How to select a suitable collar for your dog?

Before you select a collar, you should know how to check if it is the right size for your dog. It is important that its size should be perfect and feels comfortable for your dogs. Meanwhile, it should not slip out of their neck otherwise there is no use for it. All the collars are adjustable, but what is the point of buying a collar whose belt if too long and not suitable for use. You can easily measure neck of your dog with the help of a string, and then you can buy a perfect size collar for your dog. Purchasing a collar from the internet can be tricky, and some of the websites are not reliable and trusted. Although, there are many websites where you can easily buy a collar, and all you need to do is search for dog collar from betries.

Select what is perfect for your dog

There are many types of collar available in the market, but buying anything will not do as you won’t be able to control or protect your dog if the collar you are using is not good enough. It is possible that it may slip out of his/her neck and your dog can run wherever he/she wants. It is also possible that the collar you have bought is too tight which can cause suffocation and is not comfortable for your dog at all. Selecting it will also depend on the type of your dog as you don’t want to put a collar on a mastiff or Rottweiler which is intended for Chihuahua.

Select your design and colour

Once you know the type of your dog, you need to think about the colour and design. Collars are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours, and you must choose what suits your dog the best. A leather collar can be one of the best options because of its durability as well as looks. There are collars which can also be used for training dogs such as choke collars, electric shock collars, and many others. These collars can give you results, but you should not use them when your dog is not under supervision.