How to choose your bed: Tips and criteria for sleeping well

On average, we spend 25 years of our life sleeping. Sleep is essential to regenerate our body and mind. Bedding is something that should not be taken lightly because without it we could not have a good sleep. Click here for Floral Bedding.

The first thing to know

You have to change your mattress every ten years. Then, when we buy a mattress, we must learn about the suspension, support, upholstery, size, independence of sleeping or allergy protection. All this information is essential to obtain the comfort best suited to your body and enjoy a restful sleep. Visit this site for Floral Bedding.

It should also be noted that two golden rules must be respected

Change both the mattress and the mattress because keeping the old mattress under a new mattress will cause a faster mattress degradation. This measure will also allow you to benefit from the guarantee in case of any problem with your bedding.

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Try the bedding. It is, in fact, essential to lie on it for several minutes, in different positions and if possible, under real conditions of use. If you buy as a couple, we must also think about trying together bedding before buying. This helps to make sure you are not embarrassed!

Traps to avoid carefully

-Do not buy the bed base and mattress separately.

-Avoid buying bedding in markets, door to door or non-tracking stores.

-Do not neglect the seller’s advice. Explain precisely the needs and desires.

-Do not opt for firm bedding believing that with time, it will soften. This is not the case!

-If your partner does not have the same build, alternatives are offering perfect independence of sleeping. The first is to opt for a mattress two comforts in one. It is entirely possible to choose for a model offering firm support on the right and flexible on the left, and vice versa. It’s a good idea to satisfy everyone’s needs. The second is to choose separate mattresses but positioned on the same bed frame. This option is interesting if the difference in weight is too essential between you and your partner. It is the guarantee of not being embarrassed and to have a “made-to-measure” bed, even if you sleep in a couple. Some bedding is also designed with suspensions having a response adapted to the weight. This third alternative may be suitable for individuals with different morphologies. The fourth and last possibility is to opt for a King Size bed. If you have the means, choose for large bedding (at least 160x200cm, or 180x200cm). It’s the assurance of greater freedom of movement. It is ideal for promoting quality sleep!