Immortalizing Your Baby’s Precious Moments With Baby Ink Keepsakes

Most parents would like to immortalize their baby’s first moments in the world. After all, they’re not going to be infants forever. Taking care of your baby isn’t going to last forever, especially once they start walking with their own two feet, then the next thing you know they’re off to school. Pretty soon, you’re going to say goodbye to them as you see them off for their college education.

When that happens, all you can do is to try and remember their first moments when they were born. To help you immortalize those moments, you may want to print their feet in ink, stamp it on a piece of paper, and frame it up on the wall as a form of keepsake. Here are some more reasons why you should go with this method to help you remember all those fun and not-so-fun moments with your child when they were still too young to stand up on their own.

Baby Ink Keepsakes are Physical Manifestations of Your Memories

As we grow older, we also become wiser. However, think of our brain as pieces of storage devices; in time, our minds will become overloaded with information as we age, and this will sometimes lead to memory loss. If someone tells you, “Hey, remember that one time with your kid?” These other people might remember what happened in that moment with your child, but you as a parent might’ve forgotten it already. So to make sure that you don’t forget, these baby ink keepsakes will serve as memory triggers. Once you take a look at them, you’ll know what had happened during that time and date.

Baby Ink Keepsakes Do More Than Just Record Milestones

Some parents would like to add more than just their baby’s feet or hands in ink and paper. You may even want to write some text or add a picture of your child to go along with the keepsake inside the frame. In doing so, you can record milestones and keep the memories alive, even if you’re already too old to remember what really transpired during that day.

Your Children May Have the Chance to Regret It If They Don’t Have These Keepsakes

The thing about humans is that we’re jealous beings; some parents will make their children undergo the process of getting these keepsakes whereas there might be some that don’t want to deal with any of it. Once your child grows up only to find out that they don’t have such a piece of memory to remind them of their childhood, they might end up crushed. So to make sure that they’ll never feel such an emotion (at least from you), then you’d better have the keepsakes to show them when they grow up.

You May Regret It If You Don’t Have the Keepsake

Aside from making your child regret not having the baby ink keepsake, YOU might regret it as well. As mentioned in the introduction of this post, your child won’t be an infant forever. You’d always like to cherish those moments of feeding them, bathing with them, and just having fun with each other like there’s no care for the world around you.

Upon reading this post, you may decide to create the baby ink keepsake with your precious child. If so, then you’d better check out BabyInk.