Let’s get turned up with some Floor Speakers

Floor speakers, what all mothers hate, and what all their kids love. These are the basic speakers that you will see at events such as parties, weddings, or they could be part of your entertainment systems at home. They tend to be large in size, and give of more volume, probably more than needed. Which are exactly why mothers hate it. And just as large and loud as they are the prices can be large as well. Due to the size and the frequency it gives of as it is much higher in quality than other normal speakers, the prices tend to exceed $500, which is pretty expensive for a speaker set. But if you look hard enough you can get the best floor standing speakers under 500.

How to Know What Speaker is best for you.

There are several types of speakers, such as

  • Floor standing speakers; these speakers are large rectangular speakers which do not require any stands, or tables to be placed on. Which is why many people choosing this option. Plus, they are large enough that they can house multiple speaker drivers.
  • Bookshelf speakers; these speakers are more compact, and in a “Box” shape. They have to be placed on a table or stand, or it can even be mounted to a wall. However, being small they actually have a better low frequency response.
  • Center channel speakers; just like a bookshelf speaker, they are small, but is a rectangular shape in horizontal form. These speakers are more commonly used in home entertainment systems usually above or below the TV, or a screen.
  • LCR speakers; L(left), C(center), R(right) speakers are inside a single horizontal cabinet, these are used for home theatre systems. And it also resembles a sound bar.

Now if you’re looking for a speaker to deliver big sounds throughout the entire house, which isn’t too bulky and can look sleek and easy. Then a floor standing speaker is the way to go. It has got tweeters, woofers, subwoofers, and midrange drivers, which makes the sound have both high and low frequencies and magnifies the bass sounds. And the bets part about is that it can be kept right on the floor. So, there is no need to purchase any stands.

best floor standing speakers under 500Let’s Talk About Money

Money, it is a must to talk about money. Brand new, high quality floor standing speakers can be expensive, they can even exceed $1000. However, there are speakers that can cost less than $500. The best gaming laptop under 300 are also equipped with speakers like the;

  • Fluance SXHTBW high definition surround sound system; It got 80-20KHz frequency, 5 units including a subwoofer, and 8 ohms Impedance for just the price of $229.95. Which I must say is a profound deal.
  • Polk Audio TSi300 Floor standing Speaker; with 18Hz-27KHz, but only with a single unit and 8 ohms impedance it can all be yours just for the price of $129.

So, when consider these prices we can establish that it is possible to get speakers for such good deals.

But is it worth it?

You may think, wow prices are cheap, and high in quality and immediately want to buy it. I mean why wouldn’t you? it could be a tremendous investment after all. Buying floor standing speakers is not a necessary, and it could also put a dent in your bank account, but if your research is done well then it would be perfectly fine to do so.