Martin Backpacker Guitar Is Now Available Online

Guitar is a very popular instrument being played across the globe. There are several key guitar manufacturers who offer acoustic selection among whom Martin in a top competitor. One of the leading options in picking up an excellent guitar is Martin GPCPA5K. This is a solid one costing below US$1,000. While selecting this model you have to examine regarding its tone, design and cost. This solid martin backpacker guitar model Martin GPCPA5K, scores high considering its components, thus being known as a worthy acoustic guitar to be purchased.

Design Of Martin GPCPA5K Model

This model has a sturdy construction, a Spruce top and with wooden laminate Koa type of design. Without compromising on the sound, Martin has fashioned a strong and a good guitar. It can be played with a light touch, thus making you feel the difference from the heavy ones manufactured by other competitors in the market. However, instead of wood, strarabond is used to manufacture the neck of the guitar. On the other hand, the body is made of wood and hence, the guitar becomes cost effective. You will certainly see the difference while playing on this martin backpacker guitar.

The Tonal Quality Of The Guitar

The tone of the guitar is warm, solid with a strong auditory sound. When you intend to play a heavy strumming or palm mute sound, you will be happy to note that the sound can be heard very clearly. The bass does not seem to be heavy, but a balance is found regarding sound as this model depicts a lighter tone in comparison to other models available in the market. The neck of this Martin GPCPA5K model guitar is slightly curved, and on the whole it is flat in shape. The width also seems to be a bit varied. If you have been playing other types of acoustic guitars, you will be certainly happy to find that this model is much easier to play.

Cost Effective Guitar

According to the review of Martin GPCPA5K model, this guitar is certainly cost effective. It is quite popular among the other models below the range of US$1,000 found in the market of guitars. The cost has been reduced owing to certain new components found in this guitar.


If you play folk guitar and like to play acoustic music in various configurations, this model will be a successful one for you. Once you get adjusted to the curved neck of this guitar, you will find it easy to play even though it is a little small in size. Enjoy testing the shape, tone and style of this wonderful guitar, which will certainly provide you with great satisfaction.