Meghan Markle is Free to Wear These Trends Prohibited in Royal Palace

It was a sound announcement for the world that another princess is going to leave the royal family. A mix of opinions was present in the public. Despite all efforts made by other royal signatures, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan decided to leave UK and reside in Canada forever. This was a change not expected by anyone in the UK. Anyhow, no one can alter what has to happen anyway.

Girls who are fan of Meghan have chance to see her from close in a different look. Meghan will appear as a different character outside the royal limitations. Fashion designers and stylists have a different opinion in this matter. As Meghan was a model previously so there are rumors that fans will receive fashion updates from her. Buying expensive royal designs is not easy for everyone. Would you like to be a princess in your own? Catch Vogacloset coupon today from the and see how it influencesyour shopping appetite.  Below are some trends Princess Meghan can try now in her life outside the royal limitations.

Bare Legs:

Skirts and shorts are common in western world but UK’s royal members can’t wear these things. According to the royal press reporters, Queen Elizabeth insists ladies to wear tights rather than going bare legs in public. Whether they are at home or performing royal duties, they have to follow the rule of wearing tights. Meghan violated the rule by wearing no tights but soon she realized that it is not allowed.

Meghan Markle is Free to Wear These Trends Prohibited in Royal Palace

Ripped Jeans:

Is it shocking? Even the ripped jeans are not allowed in royal family. Don’t be worried. Only the “Ripped” jeans are considered bad. Women can wear all other types of jeans for the formal wear. After joining the royal family, Meghan ditched the jeans in ripped form in favor of royal rules. Perhaps we will find her in the new look with ripped jeans again.

Unspoken Rule of Dark Nail Polish:

There are reports that royal ladies have no access to dark nail polishes. Have you ever seen a royal lady wearing dark nail polish? They usually use neutral shades such as light pink. What is the case of Meghan? Now she is free from these limitations. We hope that she will appear with dark nails soon. She is going back to the normal life just as before her marriage. Girls who are inspired from nail polish shades should purchase variety with Vogacloset coupon. This would be cost effective.


Wearing tights is allowed but there is no permission to use leggings. Princess Meghan did not appear in leggings until she remained in UK. Her life in Canada would be a complete evolution. Girls mostly like wearing leggings because of high comfort and wide range of variety. Do you like leggings? Keep Vogacloset coupon2020 and check the linked discounts on fashion items. Remember, you have no limitations in the choice of fashion and style. So try to take full advantage of this freedom, as being Princess is not easy.