Narrow toed or loafers – Which shoe style are you?

The style of shoe you pick best defines your fashion ethos. So what are your shoes saying about you? Let’s find out.

Did you know that your shoes tell a lot of tales about you? We’re not talking about the condition of your shoes, but the style of shoe that you are most likely to wear. Without your knowledge, your footwear could be revealing your personality to the world. So whether you’re a Red Tape shoes guy or an Adidas slipper wearer, your shoes are talking about you.

* Narrow toed leather shoes. This shoe signifies good taste and the wearer’s desire to be taken seriously (and he often is, because these are serious shoes). Leather shoes require care and attention so that they don’t fall to pieces, so if you own several pair of Red Tape shoes in a narrow toe style and they are all meticulously kept, it means that you are quite meticulous in other matters, too. Guys sporting these shoes know their fashion game, and are not afraid to dazzle in the sartorial stakes.

* Sneakers. The guy who sports sneakers is one who does not take himself too seriously, but who is not unkind to others. Depending on the overall style of the sneaker, you can tell if the wearer is just somebody who buys sneakers because they are comfortable (think the guy who has Converse sneakers in his collection) or somebody with a serious sneaker fetish (the guy who only buys Air Jordans – he is also most likely the guy who buys Red Tape shoes in leather).

* Loafers. Though loafers are often mistaken to be a casual style of footwear for men, you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought that loafer-wearers were laidback guys who didn’t care much about fashion. On the contrary, if we still lived in Victorian times, loafer wearers would be known as ‘dandies’. The man who wears loafers is quite the fashion superstar who keeps tabs on the latest style trends and who is likely to buy pants to match his shoes – instead of the other way around.

* Moccasins. The man who wears Moccasins is a fashion-forward and sensible dresser who likes expensive footwear. This is a man who understands the importance of (literally) presenting his best foot forward. So expect careful and sharp dressing, attention to detail, and a taste for the good life from this man.

* Flip flops. The guy with flip flops on his feet has the most chill vibe ever. He is often casually dressed, has the most Zen aura in the group, and is also likely to be the mediator in a fight. But check the flip flops carefully – if they are old and scruffy, it means he doesn’t care about his appearance. But if they look new and are trendy enough to be the statement item in his ensemble, then this is a guy with a deceptively casual vibe who wants to appear laidback but is really not.