Reasons Why E-liquids Are Better Than Tobacco

E-juices or e liquids are these liquids that you put in a vape to provide dynamic flavor to your vape. Think about vape as a blank canvass of flavor and you can put your own flavor on it personality by adding a ton of flavors. Aside from the many customizations that vape offers, there is also a ton of flavors that you can choose from.

Let’s rephrase that, millions of flavors that you can choose from and the list gets bigger and bigger every day. These e-liquids can be traditional flavors like vanilla, melon or how about the non-traditional flavors like an apple pie, muffins, doughnut, cereals? Really? C’mon flavors like that don’t are just out of this world to smoke but it does with a vape. But aside from the variety of flavors, what does e-liquids offer?

It’s safer: When you smoke tobacco you don’t just simply smoke, you inhale by-products of smoking like Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, lead, and arsenic. Stuff that can kill you and you wholeheartedly inhaled that thru smoking tobacco, with e-juices you won’t have those harmful chemicals in your lungs anytime soon. They say that 1 stick of tobacco is equivalent to 1 day of your life, that should already be the prompt that you are waiting to switch up to vape.

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E-liquids are cheaper than cigars: When your smoking tobacco, it’s like smoking your money away. When you buy e-liquids it’s only a fraction of a cost and since your smoking, for too long you should have already figured that out. If you want an example of Cheap Vape Juice and high quality as well too, check out and see why many people are more into vape than tobacco.

The odor of e-liquids are better: Smoke that comes from smoking tobacco is not a very good smell it’s also not very healthy. This is the reason why your mother, your girlfriend and your dog doesn’t want you smoking in the car, but with a vape, it’s another story. The taste is good and it smells good too. You know how flavorful vape e-juices can be and that also translates to a really nice smell. Heck if you even smoke it inside your car and you’re covered in it you will still smell good. Who said you can’t smell good while vaping?

Vaping is the new smoking and they weren’t wrong. 5 years ago this was just a new thing, but now it’s already a very explosive market that is already taking some profit from its tobacco counterpart. While there are so many reasons why you need to switch to vape, one of its reasons is the e-liquid. Aside from millions of variety, it’s also healthier because it contains no harmful by-products just like smoking a tobacco, it’s way cheaper than cigarettes and it just smells and tastes good. Aside from that it also looks way cooler, you can customize it till your heart’s content, and the smoke that comes out of it just dwarfs the smoke that you usually get from smoking a tobacco.