The map that you can plot on

Some people find it hard to motivate themselves after years of working. This is pretty common for those people that are used in working for so many days that they think they are not able to take a proper vacation. If you are one of those people, it’s time to break the cycle and give yourself some well-deserved relaxation by planning your first proper vacation in another part of the Earth. but one problem is where will you possibly spend your vacation first? What are you going to do there? Just sit in your hotel room and wonder if the vacation is a good idea? Research and planning your activities is one of the first steps that you should be doing.

If you want to get that extra push to make sure that you really are sure about getting that vacation of yours, you will need something that can help you inspire every day. Good thing that Luckies have the perfect product for you. it’s called the Corkboard World Map and its name already says it all. if you’re looking for the perfect motivation to save money in order for you to go on a vacation, this is the one and you surely wouldn’t regret getting it for yourself.

Pin all the places that you want to visit!

Before anything else, you should do a proper research first of the possible places and landmarks that you have always dreamed of going to. Like maybe you always wanted to go to Singapore, just look for a picture and pin it on your corkboard map. Or maybe you want to swim with the whales, then you could choose to visit Cebu, Philippines and take a picture with them. So many possibilities and so many beautiful places to choose from. And it’s you who will be the judge of your own travel in the end.

Put it somewhere that your eyes will catch a glimpse of everyday!

You can put it on your living room walls, in your kitchen walls, or even your bedroom to make sure that you really see it right after you wake up. It is a great plus and you can feel that excitement bubbling inside your body just thinking about the different activities that you’ll be experiencing once you get to the date of your vacation. Just simply pinning pictures and memorandums on it is already enough to give you that inspiration and push that you have been looking for. 

Something simple for something important

Even if it is only made out of cork, it has a lot of uses. You don’t only put pictures and handwritten notes on it. but after your vacation, you can pin all of your keepsakes and remembrance from the place that you have visited like postcards or even your bill from the restaurant where you went to dinner before you went home the next day. It is also self-adhesive so you don’t have to worry about having to nail it on your walls. For only a price of £24.95, it’s already something that will make you think that going on a vacation and travelling is the best decision you can ever think of.

The Corkboard World Map is a great gift to yourself or to you friend that is always talking about taking a vacation but never had a chance too. everybody needs a little nudge, and you can give yourself or your friend that nudge with this awesome Corkboard World Map by Luckies.