Types of Carpets and Their Origin and Making

Carpets originated in “Carpet Belt” comprising of Mongolia, China, Central Asia, Turkmenistan, and Persia. Turkish carpets have traditional motifs and rich colourswith typical warm tones and patterns that make them famous throughout the world. By carpet, we mean a thick fabric with extra yarn on one surface to give comfort to the feet.

Birth of carpet age in India

The use of the carpet in India dates back to the Mughal era when the rulers brought Persian and Turkish weavers to India to make carpets. These carpets found sssssssssssa use in the palaces and the carpet weaving trade flourished until the MughalEmpire ended. The tradition lives on and the carpet industry in India flourishes in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. India is the global leader in the export of carpets. It has 36% of the global share.


We see the effort that goes into the making of an Indian carpet in the magnificence of its designs and the use of bright, heart-warming colours. The total export of the carpets rose by $12.04 million to $558.14 in April-July 2017 from $570.16 million in April-July 2016. These exports account for 75-80% of the carpets produced in India. They find their way into the American and European markets for the most part.

Types of carpets

Tufted woollen carpets, hand-knotted woollen carpets, pure silk carpets, hand-made woollen durries, and chain stitch rugs make up some of the types of carpets in use today. The lack of infrastructural facilities and use of out-dated technology in the rural areas where they made most of the rugs forced the government to set up the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India (CEPC). The CEPC helps the rural workers by providing the needed technical help and helps with the export. They find markets and give marketing help.

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Woven and tufted carpets

The basic classification of the carpets is of two types. One is the woven fibre carpet and the other is the tufted fibre carpet. The basic fibres used for making the carpet include wool, silk, jute, and synthetic fibre. Weavers make the carpets by hand or with the help of machines. We make woven carpets out of pure wool or a mix of wool (80%) and nylon (20%).

In India, we use the terms rug and carpet interchangeably. In the US, they call the floor covering used in specific locations as a rug and the ones that cover the entire floor as a carpet. You can buy rugs online India by visiting the website of the supplier. You can go through all the different types, look at the colours and patterns and choose one that suits the internal décor of your house.

They make the woven carpet in two ways. One is the Axminster carpet while the other is the Wilton carpet. The common feature of both these carpets is that they weave the pile and backing yarn together. This gives them extra stability and superior strength. The Wiltons have a loop style or stayplain in style while the Axminsters have patterns. Both of them have superb quality and high durability.