What is an Electric Water Heater and Why Have They Now become so popular?

For those out there who’ve never heard of one or who may never have used one, an electric water heater is simply that; one that heats up water with the use of electricity as its prime source of power. There are a two different kinds of electric water heaters, one being the traditional tank electric water heater, which people who have used them will know, that comes in a couple of variations. The other one being the electric tank lesstype of water heater.

The long established electric water heater, fitted with a tank, had been long criticised for being one of the most energy inefficient types of water heaters available out there on the market. And therefore, it was recommended by many leading experts to select an electric water heater only if it was the case of there being no other option available.

Keeping Power Bills Down with Modern Solutions

Although there are some popular ways to make a conventional electric water heater more cost effective, such as with the correct usage of insulation and making sure to select the ideal right size and water temperature. It was still going to be pretty much less efficient than other comparable forms of water heating, and especially in the winter time. This is also due in part to the electric water heater having standby losses, which means the heat that gets lost while the water is waiting to be utilised.

But, catching up with the times, electric water heating units have at long last become updated, more sophisticated, efficient and cost effective, so their popularity has been on the increase and with the range available (and good value for money) people are once again asking “where can I find electric water heaters?” Something not heard of for quite some time. And recently, positive electrical solutions for central heating, be they in the shape of electric combi boilers or underfloor elements have been developed and released by manufacturers, at last providing homes and offices minus any access to mains gas supplies, much more of a choice.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

One efficient type of water heater that you might be familiar with and is one of the better and more efficient kinds of electric water heater models out there, (but used to be relatively small)is the tankless water heater. Rather than storing hot water, it simply heats the water that needs to be used and accomplishes this by running the water through special pipes fitted with heating elements. The water is practically heated instantly and then flows down through the pipes to its outlet. This saves money because the heat is only on when the water is being heated.

Some people have and are trying the use of a solar water heater, which can provide most of a home’s water heating requirements. But still, on those overcast days or during shorter winter months, a solar water heater will still need the back-up of electricity to provide asupply of hot water.

Make sure to check out the new wave of electric water heaters at a respected and affordable electrical dealer and keep that hot water flowing!