What should be considered while buying a pair of skating boot?

If you are planning to buy a pair of roller-skates that may be quite difficult for you. Because the correct size of skates is the primary need for a skater. There are different types of skates serving different purposes. A few of them fit in your feet like your sneaker. But it cannot be applied for every single type of skates.

Measure your foot before buy:

                The best way to choose the right pair of skates, measure your foot for the best size. Please wear the skating socks you use to roller skates in. this will help you to obtain the accurate measurement for your shoe size. Take a piece of paper and stand in front of a wall supporting your back. Place the paper under your foot. Mark the far most tips of your toe and measure with a scale. This is your actual foot size. Now you can buy your skates according to this size.

Decide which type of skates you want:

                Skating includes various activities resembling leisure time pass, a competitive sports event, and artistic forms of skates like a dance. All these events need different types of skating shoes. If you just want to skate traditionally upgraded shoes are not required. Whereas for jam skating and speed skating you need smooth wheels and proper balancing shoes.

Maintaining your skating tools and skates:

                Receiving the new pair of skates is not enough. Taking care of skates is equally important to make sure you are getting the best use of those. Here are some tips to maintain your skating boots.

  • You need to clean your bearing of the wheels for a better spin. Examine yourself if it is the time to clean it.
  1. You heard some noise originated from your skating wheels.
  2. Turn the wheels with your hand. If you feel the resistance of feel that some of the wheels are rotating slower than the others.
  3. Touch the bearing just after skating. If it is hot it is the time to clean them up.
  4. Maintain a time span of 6 months to clean up them.
  • Take the bearings out of the skating wheels. Be careful taking out and putting in.
  • Now clean your wheels with the soap. Soak into soapy water into a bucket while cleaning the bearings.
  • Now it is the time to clean the bearings. You can buy bearing cleaning solution from the skates shop. But it is easy to make a citrus solvent all yourself. The mineral cleaner can also be used to clean bearings. But citrus cleaner is more efficient and is recommended by experts.
  • Put the bearings into a baking tin and cover it up with citrus cleaner. Let the bearing soak a while and agitate in every couple of minute.
  • Repeat the whole procedure depending on the amount of crud in the tin.

Here you go. Buy a pair of roller-skates and enjoy skating. Maintenance of skating shoes makes your pair more useful and perfect for spinning and jumping and moving smoothly on the skating rink or wherever you want.