Fact: Bridesmaid Etiquette Is Very Important Support To A Wedding

There is a lot more to being a good bridesmaid than just wearing a pretty dress and walking down the aisle for your bride. However, a pretty dress is a good place to start, which is why it is highly recommended to purchase a high-quality cap sleeve bridesmaid dress from Bridesmaids Only. You will definitely feel more comfortable if you are wearing a dress that complements you.

Nowadays, the bridesmaids are expected to be there with every step of the way, which means the bridal shower, hen’s party, and other occasions. This only means that being a bridesmaid is a lot of work, and sometimes it can be expensive as well.

Do you have to say ‘Yes’?

If you know that you are not up for such a task, the best thing is to politely decline the offer. Just because your friend said ‘Yes’ to being a bride does not mean that you have to say yes as well. It is always better to have a small awkward moment, than for you to get stuck with expenses and obligations that you can’t afford.

Paying for your bridesmaid dress

This usually depends on the couple who is getting married, because sometimes the bride might offer to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses, hair, makeup, shoes…etc. However, if she does not, you are the one who is expected to pay for everything.

This can be a bit tricky, especially if the bride wants you to pay for a dress that you know you will never wear again. In this situation, it is good to just sit down and have a normal conversation before purchasing the dress, where you can nicely explain your situation and find a compromise.

Events before the wedding

While planning the entire bridal shower usually falls under the Maid-of-Honor’s job, the bridesmaid should always be prepared to help with anything. If a bride has not selected the Maid of Honor, but instead only has bridesmaids, this means that every party prior to the wedding should be planned and sometimes even paid by you.

Host different fun pre-wedding events for your friend, the bride

Attending bridal events

Bridesmaids have to attend all the bridal events, but if you live somewhere out of town or have an urgent family situation, you can explain the situation to the bride. But, keep in mind that you should never say ‘I’m too busy’ if you have been invited to a pre-wedding event.

Everyone is busy but that is also a poor excuse to use and it will only stress the bride. Your job is to keep the bride happy all the time and let her vent out to you when she needs to. On top of that, throwing the bridal shower does not necessarily have to be expensive.

Be ready for the big day

From helping the flower girl walk down the aisle to making sure that your bride’s dress is on point, as a bridesmaid, you should always be happy to help no matter what. You should also act as a resource of information to any of the guests who may have some questions to ask about wedding bridal registries, logistics, directions to the ceremony…etc.

Final word

This is your friend’s big day, so if you have any negative opinions, keep them to yourself. If you do not fancy the dress she picked out for you, do not say anything on the wedding day, this is something you should mention before the big event. Talk to the bride, and if you suggest purchasing a beautiful green bridesmaid dresses, you are bound to be stuck with the dress of your dreams.