Practical Tips for Soon-to-be-brides when visiting Couture Designer

For a soon-to-be bride, you have to pay more attention to your wedding dress. Your wedding dress is actually one of the most important parts of the wedding. It will highlight how immaculately you will look on your wedding day. It is every girl’s dream to have that perfect wedding dress but how can you pick the right one?

You can bother about the straps, fabric, and silhouette but if you want professional help, you should consider Bridal Couture designers. Couture designers accept made-to-order wedding dress featuring one or more fittings. If you decide to have one, you need to make an appointment for a wedding dress consultation. When you attend the first consultation, you have to be prepared. Here are practical tips when visiting a couture designer:

Come with images

It is difficult for a designer to picture what you really want if you do not show an image. Explaining is also easier if you have pictures. So, for your first appointment, do not forget to bring images or references of the wedding gowns you like. The good news is that there are plenty of images and references that you can consider. If you bring images, the designer will surely get the vibe of your style.

Do not bring too many people

You can invite friends during final fitting but never during the conceptualization stage. Too many ideas and opinions can be distracting and confusing. Just bring few people (like your sisters and mother) for inputs or insights. When you discuss, stay true. There are many inspirations out there but always remember what you love.

Give the designers time to complete the work

Couture designers cannot complete a project overnight or for few days. If you want the best outcome, you have to give the designers time to complete the work. Most designers require a minimum of six months notice. This will give the designers plenty of time to develop the wedding dress.

Keep an open mind

If you are not sure about the style or silhouette, allow the designers to make some suggestions. If you keep an open mind, you can find better ideas at the end of the day. It is okay to be unsure at the start. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Wear comfortable clothes

When you visit the designer, make sure that you put on comfortable clothes. If you do not know your shape, trying a few can give the designer an idea. Wearing comfortable clothes will be easy to take off and put back again if you need fittings.

Wear nude-colored underwear

If you expect fittings, you have to wear nude colored underwear. This is important so you can see it as it is without fighting with the dark underwear or black straps.

No tans during fitting

Tans are good but if you come with tans during fitting, it can badly discolor the dresses. You do not want to ruin a beautiful dress with your tans. If possible, also remove your lipstick as it can stain the dress.

Picking the right wedding dress can be overwhelming and stressful but it is just in the beginning. After consulting with a couture designer, everything will be clear. You can get the help of professionals by clicking here.