How to Make the Perfect Cup of French Press Coffee

Getting a good French coffee press like Cafe Du Chateau French press is a great achievement to many. But knowing how to efficiently use the device to make the perfect cup of coffee is a greater achievement.  Even professional coffee maker users get it rough preparing a cup of coffee using modern French presses. Here is my detailed guide to using the 8-cup, 304-grade stainless steel French Press coffee maker with 4-level filtration system by Cafe Du Chateau to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

Collect Coffee Making Ingredients

Before you even think of making a cup of coffee, you should get the right ingredients. The most mandatory ingredients to have are a kettle, timer, mug, coffee grinder, and water.

Warm the water

Use the kettle to warm the water to a temperature below the boiling point. You can boil the water if want. For a better coffee taste, it is recommended you use fresh water that hasn’t been warmed. Freshwater does have dissolved gasses so it tastes better.

Grind the Coffee Beans

Using pre-ground coffee will save you time but you won’t get your desired coffee taste.  The flavor and aroma of freshly ground coffee is way better. Grind the beans until you get large uniform pieces that can’t go beyond the mesh filter. Make sure the pieces are small enough to allow you to extract all the goodness and large enough not to pass through the mesh filter.

Mix the Grinds with Water

Properly mix your grounded coffee with water. The recommended ratio is 2 tablespoons of coffee for 1 cup of water.  However, you can increase or decrease the coffee amount depending on how strong you want it to be. To do this correctly, you will need to deposit your preferred amount of grinds in the bottom area of your coffee press and then pour the water. Using a timer will help you make a better mixture. After like 30 seconds, you will need to stir the grinds gently and then cover your mixture with a lid. Allow your mixture to steep for about 4 minutes. You can as well skip the steeping process if you desire.

Slowly and Uniformly Press the Plunger

Uniformly and slowly press the coffee maker plunger while holding it straight vertically. Make sure you use your hand’s weight and arm’s pressure to avoid stirring up the dust and forcing the smaller grinds via the mesh filter. Once done, press your grinds to the bottom area of the French press before you pour the coffee mixture into the mug.

These are the only tricks to using the French Press by Cafe DU Chateau to prepare the perfect cup of morning coffee.   Considering that this user-friendly and performance-oriented French press from Cafe DU Chateau comes with easy-to-follow user guidelines, you are sure to have your cup of coffee ready in no time. And if you thinking of buying this awesome coffee press, you shouldn’t worry about the price. It’s one of the strongest and most economical coffee presses retailing at the most pocket-friendly rates in the market today.