The Industry’s Best E-Liquid Flavors

Are you a vape user? A vape without a flavor is just like eating burgers without the patty. E-liquid flavors are what make every vape experience one of a kind. There are various flavors available today in the market, and with this range, you can realize how tricky it is to find a matching taste or aroma for your preferences. Here are some of the best e liquid flavors that you need to know.

Classic Flavors

If you think that vapes are just vanilla, chocolate, or toffee, you will realize that there are actually several other e liquid flavors to choose from. One is a long-time classic known as USA blend. This flavor is characterized for being musky, clean and bold. It is bound to satisfy all tastes and provide a flavor that is truly all-American. The mix will also let you taste the pleasures of what a real e-cigarette will feel.

best e liquid flavors

Inspired By Fruits

Other flavors include those that are inspired by fruits. The first on this category is known as Banana Nut Bread. Just like your typical homemade recipe, this flavor makes use of the blend of banana and nuts, plus some hints of carbs and sweetness from the bread. It is literally like munching slices of this bread one afternoon.

Furthermore, you may also choose to try watermelon flavors and these can offer the best tastes of what a fresh fruit could be. Just like the red-colored fruit, it offers a very sweet and health feeling on your nasals and palates. Should you want a great flavor of lime, you can try one that is called Frozen Lime Drop. It is a combination of sweet and sour with hints of mint that will make you crave for more. However, these are never addicting. Other fruity flavors include peach mixed with green tea. There are also blends that make use of limes, pineapples and raspberries. Some flavors offer a mix between strawberry and raspberry rolled into one.

Taking Cue From Sweets

Do you remember your favorite candies from childhood? Even the best e liquid flavors can take you back to this time. The Gummi Bear flavor is inspired by, what else, but the classic chewy gums that is both soft and easy on the senses. You do not have to worry about the carbs because it is all on the flavoring.

If you want to carnival-inspired sensation, you may try Cotton Candy flavors created by several companies for their products.

Other Exciting Flavors

The possibilities are endless for these flavors. If you think you have tried all, think again. There are other flavors of these e-liquids such as the Black Mamba, which is inspired by the famous cocktail. It is even highlighted with hints of citrus, blackberry and cranberry to give that authentic and awesome taste.

Should you wish to change the way you smoke cigarettes, try using vapes with these various flavors. It will either bring you back to good, past memories or take you to a journey to excite your tastes and revel your palates into a distinctive feeling.